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Elektronischer Donnerstag: Occultists

4. Mai 2017 @ 23:00 - 5. Mai 2017 @ 8:00 UTC+2

Elektronischer Donnerstag: Occultists Label Night & Release Party
House & Techno

Calling all ravers, witches, and party kids of Berlin! We’d like to invite you all for a Beltane celebration, as we join together to dance under the moon light at our next Occultists label night. We have a lot to celebrate this time around as we draw closer to the release of our second record on the label. Book of Shadows: Various Spells Vol. 1 will be hitting stores on May 12th so this event will be a celebration of both Beltane and the upcoming release on Occultists.

This time around I’ve invited a very special line-up to join me on the decks. I’ve been looking forward to booking her for a while now and I’ve very excited to invite Anri from Japan to help enchant you into her techno spell. Additionally to Anri I have my great friend Lady Blacktronika making her debut under her techno alias Femanyst! Zoey Vero will also be joining us again casting some wicked visuals throughout the night. It’s going to be a great ritual of dancing, magic, and freedom of expression.

Please note that Occultists doesn’t represent ideas of Satan, Satanism, or any idea of dark arts that you might have. Our concept is born out of the idea of finding the light within the darkness and finding the balance through art and music. To clear up any confusion people might have been having I’m open to conversations to anyone who’d like to learn more about occult and esoteric knowledge to gain a better understanding. We look forward to seeing you all there on May 4th for a truly magical evening.

– James Demon


Femanyst aka Lady Blacktronika (Dark Carousel)

ANRI (Tokyo Red Light)

James Demon (Occultists)

PopBox – Die SchwuZ WG-Party: Betreutes Trinken und Klatschen mit Anna Klatsche

mit Darkroom

* * *


As a child this demon in the rising was drawn to a bevy of musical outlets. James Demon learned how to sing and to play the cello before even reaching high school. It was obvious that the universe had granted this boy with the gift of creativity. Little did he know that one day the music would become his entire world.

Literally growing up in the rave scene in the late 90s, James was exposed to a diverse range of music from techno to happy hardcore. Shortly after embarking on his musical voyage through the soundscapes of electronic music he began to buy his first techno records. Heavily influenced by female artists from Germany he began to spend every penny he had on vinyl. Once he graduated high school he finally got his first pair of turntables and so his journey continued.

Spending the next few years jumping from different styles James eventually fell back into his first love for techno. He decided to put all of his focus into finding his own sound and creating a brand for himself. Drawn towards the more obscure, sexy, gothic and witchy soundscapes, this techno loving being had finally found his niche. He was re-born with a mission at hand to solidify a harmony between polarities like masculine, feminine, the light and the darkness.

His love affair with music and the occult began to blossom into one entity. After studying music business in college, James was ready to commence on his next musical adventure. He decided it was time to bring his love for the esoteric and techno together in the form of a record label called Occultists. The label will feature artists who will emerge from the shadows bringing us to a higher state of being through music and esoteric knowledge.



4. Mai 2017 @ 23:00 UTC+2
5. Mai 2017 @ 8:00 UTC+2


Rollbergstr. 26
Neukölln, 12053 Germany